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Flavio brown

Flavio brown

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Height increasing shoes. Calfskin exterior. Interior high quality leather. Genuine leather heel.

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Flavio Brown Lift Boots

Description: These Lift boots of Goodyear-welt quality. Goodyear-welt is the international designation for a specific type of footwear. This type of footwear represents excellence in the market, and although its peculiar manufacturing system makes it stiffer when new, it is designed to offer total comfort and foot care. It's a guarantee of craftsmanship, as it is handcrafted using superior quality raw materials. Flavio boots are versatile and suitable for dressing up or combining with both suits and casual wear.

Features: Goodyear-welt quality ensures durability and craftsmanship. Additionally, the high-quality leather upper material, elegant and durable leather sole, and rubber-reinforced heel provide greater comfort and resistance.

Care and Maintenance: To keep these lift boots in perfect condition and preserve their elegance, follow these care tips: - Clean the boots with cream and a dry cloth or a polishing brush, rubbing gently. - You can give them a final shine with a shining sponge.

Height Increase: +7cm / 2.75"

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Flavio brown