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Berna blue

Berna blue

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Height increasing shoes. High quality, extra soft suede exterior. Interior Trockenfus system.

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Blue Berna Sports Shoes

Description: The blue Berna sports shoes are a perfect combination of Italian design and comfort. They are made with premium quality hydrophobic suede leather, ensuring durability and water resistance. The Berna model features a unique design that combines suede and nubuck leather panels, adding a special touch to its appearance.

Features: These height increasing shoes not only offer style but also functionality. They have a two-tone serrated Eva sole that facilitates natural foot movement while walking, providing comfort and traction. Thanks to the Trockenfuss system they are made with, they absorb sweat and eliminate odor, keeping your feet fresh throughout the day. Moreover, their versatility is remarkable as they perfectly match with different outfits such as jeans, corduroy pants, sportswear, and even tracksuits.

Care and Maintenance: To preserve the suede finish of these shoes, it is recommended to avoid cream application. Instead, using a mixed brush or a suede and nubuck sponge is advised to maintain their appearance and texture. This will ensure that your Berna shoes continue to look their best over time.

Height Increase: +7cm / 2.75"


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Berna blue