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 Laurence | 22-07-2014

You get what you pay for this shoe is very wll made and presented,and yes makes a small guy like me stand taller without it being obvious how its cleverly done in the shoe,not cheap but would recommened to any one with short legs like me!

 Marta | 19-03-2014

Dear Viktor,

The shoes has arrived.IT IS PERFECT and WONDERFUL!!!!!;)
Thank you very much!!!
You are the best,we will come back!;)
Best wishes,

 George hughes | 05-03-2014

A friend recommend masaltos shoes to me as I have a complex about my height. I stand at 5 foot 7 and at first I was reluctant to try these shoes out as I feared they would have a big heel however I was extremely surprised at how subtle the shoes were to grow my height. I am now walking into business meetings tall and proud and what's more the shoes look fantastic. I first bought a pair of shoes 1 year ago and where many of my shoes will fall apart in this time I am happy to say that they are still in perfect working order which is why I have bought another 3 pairs. I cannot thank you enough for the extra confidence masaltos has given me. On top of that, super quick delivery and a great customer service team. They have a lifetime client

 Joseph | 21-10-2013

Many thanks, I have just received the shoes, perfect fit, delighted.


 Matthias | 27-08-2013

Hello Viktor,

The shoes arrived today and they are fitting perfectly.

Many thanks for your great service!

Have a good day

 E.t. | 29-07-2013

Dear Viktor,

Just want to tell you that I have today got the shoes I ordered.

The quality is great!

Great pass form, great look, great work guys!!!

I will sure order more from you in the future.

Wish you a wonderful week.