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 Erwin | 07-06-2013

Dear Victor,
Thank You for your sweet reply and great service.
Have a nice weekend.

 J.n. | 20-05-2013

Dear Viktor,

I've just received the shoes and they fit very well. Therefore I would like to thank You for all Your help and advice.

Kind regards

 M.oliver | 16-03-2013

I am very satisfied with your service and will definitely shop with your company again.

With kind regards,


 Elena popescu | 27-02-2013

Dear Lucrezia,

TNT just called my friend and announced to deliver in few minutes.
Thank you very much for your valuable help!!

Elena Popescu

 Dennis john | 02-01-2013

Lucrezia di Francesco,

Thank you for your email. You would be pleased to know that I have received the shoes and it fits perfectly.

There is a getting use to the shoes cycle, but once I get use to it I would be buying some more.
In the mean time, if there any tips from previous customers that you can share with me please do not hesitate to share it with me.

Thank you in anticipation,

Dennis John

 Aaron | 17-12-2012

Dear Viktor,

I received the shoes. Very very impressed with the service and quality. I will definitely be a repeat customer.