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 Rainer | 14-08-2020

Hello, dear Viktor,

the package with the shoes has just arrived at 11 a.m. :-)

I am really flashed and very thankful
for your absolutely outstanding service.
Wow! I don't know how you managed to
react in such a perfect and polite way.

Your customer service is simply marvelous!

Kindest regards from Hamburg

 Harald | 07-04-2020

Dear Viktor

The shoes have arrived... great quality, great job from your side...

We see you again

Best regards

 Alex f | 02-10-2019

Dear Sir,
Thank You very much for excellent service and quick delivery of my order from Cyprus.

 F. eisber | 10-09-2019

Hello! This is F. Eisber!
Yesterday I have received a parcel with my order from you !
Thanks you very much, and once again I am very pleasant to have a deal with you, thanks for boots they are magnificent!
Yours faithfully F.!

 Hanna | 16-07-2019

Hi, I received my order and 2 of the shoes are great. Viktor has helped me in the past and he provided truly outstanding customer service. He is a big reason I keep buying more shoes from your site.

Thank you!

 Jenny c | 02-07-2019

A friend of mine was looking at my husband?s shoes and could not believe how amazing they were. The shoes that make you look taller. Isn?t is incredible?

 Anders | 27-06-2019

There should be a choise for the hight of the shoes from 5 - 7 cm. 7 cm i a bit high to walk in. Ones feet get stressed after some Walking.

 Davis o | 18-04-2019

Best So far in everything. Viktor is great

 Andy | 13-02-2019

Good afternoon.
I just wanted to thank you very much for the swift delivery of my order which I received this morning.

The boots look fantastic and fit great, and I love the executive touches of the shoe bags inserts and horn.
I am very pleased with everything and will certainly be ordering again from yourselves.
Kind regards.

 Gediminas | 27-09-2018

Dear Victor

This is to confirm that shoes were received and fit well.
Many thanks for your professional assistance.

All the best!

 Bruce | 22-09-2018

Hi Viktor,

Just a short email to says thanks very much. Really impressed with the service and will definitely be back in the future.

 J.stadlbaue | 17-05-2018

Dear Mr. Mikailov,

Thank you very much!
You did an excellent customer service.
I will tell my friends about the great shopping-experience and about the very friendly contact with you.
Untill next time. I am looking forward to order my next masaltos-shoes!

Kind regards,
J.Stadlbauer, Germany

 M.s. | 16-05-2017

Hey anna
I got my new shoes from masaltos.
Thank you very much
For the very fast shipment
Nice greetings from Austria

 Dirk b. | 05-05-2017

Dear Mr. Mikailov,

I received the shoes yesterday.
I really do not have any words for saying thank you.
Your service: Outstanding
Your way of communication: absolutely great
The shoes: Fantastic
You just won a new, more than only satisfied, customer!
Thank you again.

Best regards from Germany

 Torsten | 08-03-2017

Fantastic shoes, fast delivery - PERFECT!


 Wise | 14-02-2017


 P.i. | 10-02-2017

Hello Viktor,
I have received the shoes and I'm very satisfied. They're wonderful.
Thank you,

 P.r. | 07-02-2017

shoes received, I'am 100% satisfied.

Best regards,


 O.b. | 06-02-2017

Thank you. Excellent customer support !!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / With best regards
O. B.

 Johnson | 10-01-2017

The service from Masaltos was outstanding! They went above and beyond great customer service. The london shoe I ended up ordering and the quality is outstanding! The shoes are made so good and have the look and feel of a $500 shoe. A very fine leather is used like used in the highest end dress shoes on the market. I highly recommend purchasing from Masaltos!

 Michael | 08-01-2017

Good product, quality packaging, quick delivery!

 Chen | 02-01-2017

Excellent Seller !!! Beautiful product and fast delivery. Would love to purchase again.

 Fred | 27-12-2016

I was absolutely amazed that my order arrived so fast, the shoes look just like at the picture. Great quality and soft suede. Sizing is as expected.

 Wilson | 14-12-2016

Great experience, really fast service.

 M.z. | 30-11-2016

Dear Annalisa,
Just to let you know that the shoes and belt have arrived in 24 hours. They fit him well. Thank you so much for your prompt service. I will surely return.
Best regards,

 G.n. | 16-11-2016

Well received the shipment. Do appreciate this rocket response & delivery.
All respect to your efforts. Your rocket response as well.


 Dora | 17-10-2016

Dear Viktor,

2 years ago I decided to buy the first masaltos shoe to my husband because you were so kind and let me all the necessary information about the masaltos shoes. I am very glad to you!!!
My husband loves the shoes and that is why I did not forget your help from 2 years ago as we emailed to each other before the purchase.
You show the professionalist style, I am so happy that you are the person who respond me again!
Viktor thank you for the excellent and polite answer.
I wish you a nice day and keep in touch.
Best Regards,

 Chris | 02-09-2016


Just to confirm my fantastic shoes arrived yesterday! How quick is that.
Thank you so much . Thank you also for your kind assistance when i telephoned.
Hope to order again in future.!

Kind regards ,

 Richard | 01-09-2016

Dear Mr.Mikailov,

I just had like thanking you shortly for the quick delivery as the parcel arrived already this afternoon and I am pleased to tell that the size of the shoes is fitting perfectly to me.
I am grateful for your understanding and help and see you at the next occasion of a new order.
Have a nice day.

Best regards

 M.s. | 30-08-2016

Dear Mrs. Anna,
thank you for our call and your good support.

We are looking forward to order more of your beautiful shoes in the future.

 James nicholls | 17-04-2016

I have just received my pair of shoes and I am really happy with them. I had no idea that nobody would notice I am wearing elevator shoes. I will recommend my friends buy at Masaltos!

 D.y. | 04-03-2016

Dear Viktor,

Thank you. The product is very nice and good quality and will be ordering again from you at some point.

Kindest regards,

 Jose a. | 07-01-2016

Hello Good Afternoon
just wanted to thank you for the super fast I received my order I bought you last Tuesday 05-01-16 by 11:15 in the morning and today Wednesday 06-01-16 16:15 by received the order
5 stars service !!!!

I also wanted to thank to the delivery company (TNT) for the super Fast delivery

 Francois. | 07-09-2015

Dear Mr Mikailov,

Many thanks for your message. I got my shoes: they are wonderful!!!
Looking forward to doing further purchases with Masaltos in the near future.

Kind regards,
François G.

 William | 30-07-2015

Dear Sir.

Thank you for my order received yesterday. I am delighted with my new boots. Masaltos makes buying mail order so easy.

Kind regards.

 Elsa | 23-07-2015


Thank you for the speedy delivery of my order. The shoes are very nice and my boyfriend is very happy with them.

Best wishes,

 David | 07-06-2015

Dear Masaltos team,
With regards my order of my first pair of shoes from you ,which I must say are fantastic in quality and workmanship a credit to you all at masaltos.
My order was placed on Friday evening and arrived the next Tuesday with no problem, great service and easy doing business with you. Cannot thank you enough as I was not expecting such a great well made pair of shoes as this and are a very happy and taller customer, will not be long before I order my next pair !!!!!!! One happy customer . Thank you.


 Per m. | 12-05-2015

Hello, I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful shoes I recieved today. They are perfect! And the delivery was fastest foreign I ever experienced :))

Best regards,
Per M.

 Gerald | 09-04-2015

Hello Viktor,

Thanks a lot for help.
Your service and products are top quality.


 M. | 12-02-2015

Hello Viktor,

Thank you for your email.

I already ordered it yesterday and I have had it delivered this morning!

Fantastic service.

Many thanks for your help and support.


 Kamran | 19-12-2014

Dear Viktor,

Many thanks. This is really fantastic. I very much appreciate the great work you do.

I will remain in touch.

Best regards, and Happy Holidays.


 Damian | 18-12-2014

Hey guys,

I just received my new shoes.
I really like them ! And the shipping was very fast.
Thanks and wish you Merry Christmas!

Damian from Germany

 Udi | 13-11-2014

Dear Martina,

Sunday afternoon i got the shoes ,thank you very much for the excellent service.
Hope to visit your shop one day soon .

All the best.

 Paul | 05-09-2014

Dear Martina,

just a quick thank you to say that the shoes arrived today and they are perfect.
Many thanks for your quick delivery of them.

 Moritz | 03-09-2014

Dear mrs Martina,

I have received my first pair of your shoes and wanted to tell you, these shoes don't make me only being a lucky person ( as now even if my girlfriend wears highheels I am still
slightly higher :-)) but also are very nice shoes I was exactly searching already for months.. so thats why I decided to order just a new additional pair in brown leather and are
looking forward to receive them soon.

best regards

 Dora | 07-08-2014

Dear Viktor,

Frankly I was hesitating/still thinking to order elevator shoes from Masaltos or not. But thanks to your polite and helpful attitude I decided to order the height increase shoes from your Company.

Masaltos should be proud of you, because as you contact with the buyers, we really feel at this company "the client is the king", thank you.

If my Friend will be satisfied with the product, I will definitely buy more products from Masaltos.

Wish you a nice week Viktor,

 Laurence | 22-07-2014

You get what you pay for this shoe is very wll made and presented,and yes makes a small guy like me stand taller without it being obvious how its cleverly done in the shoe,not cheap but would recommened to any one with short legs like me!

 Marta | 19-03-2014

Dear Viktor,

The shoes has arrived.IT IS PERFECT and WONDERFUL!!!!!;)
Thank you very much!!!
You are the best,we will come back!;)
Best wishes,

 George hughes | 05-03-2014

A friend recommend masaltos shoes to me as I have a complex about my height. I stand at 5 foot 7 and at first I was reluctant to try these shoes out as I feared they would have a big heel however I was extremely surprised at how subtle the shoes were to grow my height. I am now walking into business meetings tall and proud and what's more the shoes look fantastic. I first bought a pair of shoes 1 year ago and where many of my shoes will fall apart in this time I am happy to say that they are still in perfect working order which is why I have bought another 3 pairs. I cannot thank you enough for the extra confidence masaltos has given me. On top of that, super quick delivery and a great customer service team. They have a lifetime client

 Joseph | 21-10-2013

Many thanks, I have just received the shoes, perfect fit, delighted.


 Matthias | 27-08-2013

Hello Viktor,

The shoes arrived today and they are fitting perfectly.

Many thanks for your great service!

Have a good day

 E.t. | 29-07-2013

Dear Viktor,

Just want to tell you that I have today got the shoes I ordered.

The quality is great!

Great pass form, great look, great work guys!!!

I will sure order more from you in the future.

Wish you a wonderful week.


 B.f | 24-07-2013

Dear Mr.Victor

I got the two pairs of shoes on monday, very happy, many thanks.

 Mrs daniela | 28-06-2013

Dear Ms. Di Francesco,
I spoke on the phone today, Thursday, June 27, with the represented of TNT company from Cluj, Romania.
I am out of town and he told me that he will deliver me the order on Monday.
I did not know that you are so operative! :)
Thank a lot for your valuable help!





 Leonid | 13-01-2011

Dear friends!

Very nice to meet with your company and now I'm waiting for the first order.

I would like, especially, to acknowledge the work of Mr.Victor - very professional and friendly attention to business, as well as knowledge of Russian and English languages, which involves, of course, the additional number of customers.

With highest regards,


 S. | 09-09-2010

Thank you,
I have got theme.
they are very nice.
I will next month order another model.

 Christian s. | 02-09-2010

Dear Sara,

I've just received your Shoes. Just one Word: Fantastic. From the packaging (Shoehorn /-tree included, Shoes separated in those green Bags) to the Quality of the Shoes - you really surpass your competitors.

Thanks again,
Christian S.

 F.v. | 04-05-2010

Dear Mrs Alvarez

Thanks for your fast response. Do you have a paper catalogue in a other language?

Best regards

 K. a. | 29-04-2010

Dear Mrs. Sara Álvarez,
Thank you very much for being so much helpful. I really appreciate it so much.
Awaiting for my order to arrive.
Best Regards,

 M.c. | 07-04-2010




 Y. | 22-03-2010

I got my order ( two pairs). Thanks a lot for your nice shoes. Believe to feel more confident and hope tofind something else.
Best regards.

Y. from Moscow

 Fadi | 01-02-2010

Today I have received your parcel, very pleased with your product.
I hope to become your patron (loyal customers).
I want to note the quality and aesthetics of your product.
Thank you very much!