Data encryption

You are in a secure site. is the owner of a digital certificate issued by Thawte certification authority. This certificate confirms that we are who we say we are. encrypts the information sent to and received from our web server and protects information from being tampered with.

In other words, all data you send us in any of the various forms arranged in, including the order to purchase online will be encrypted to be illegible in the case of interception. You can also be sure of the existence and activity of our company.

You can check the SSL certificate in the lock icon placed at the status bar of the browser window, in the address bar of the web site where you will see https:// instead of http://, and trough Thawte seal.

Secure online payment is attached to Verified by Visa, a new service that protects your card details with your own password. If you want to know more about this, please click here.

ANDCE member

Since October 2005, belongs to ANDCE, the Andalusian Electronic Commerce Association.

Trusted companies is using MRW and DHL for shippments, the most trustworthy express courier service companies in Spain and the rest of the world, respectively. If you want to know more about shipping costs and the period that the shipment will take, visit the section FAQ.

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