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Height increasing shoes

What are height-increasing shoes?

Height-increasing shoes are designer shoes that look the same as a conventional shoe, except for the fact that they have integrated wedges inside that allow men to discretely increase their height by 7 cm. These height-increasing shoes are sold by on their online store, offering an extensive collection with many different styles. But can you notice the wedge? Absolutely not. shoes are built with a perfect finish that makes the wearer feel comfortable at all times, as the shoes never “stand out” in terms of design, style or shape.

Why use height-increasing shoes?

Our clients answer this question for themselves when they keep coming back to us over and over again. These shoes have an exquisite Italian design that adapts to any type of male foot. They are comfortable and allow the wearer to hold a more upright posture as they walk. At the same time, these shoes can be worn on any occasion, both in winter and in summer.

Who wears height-increasing shoes?

Any man whose foot size is between a 37 and 45. However, if you’d like a particular shoe from our catalogue that we don’t have, we ask you to please send us a request and we will do our best to get you that size.

It’s a well-known fact that height-increasing shoes are worn by celebrities who walk the red carpet, as well as by important figures in politics. Our shoes can be worn by anyone and the type of shoe is attractive to many kinds of people.

When can you wear height-increasing shoes?

This question can be summarised in one word: always. Our shoes can be worn on special occasions, while we’re at work, or for walking. And they all have one special characteristic in common: they can be used whenever you want and will always allow the man to increase their height by 7 cm. These shoes are made with the best raw materials that guarantee long-lasting durability and comfort.

How can you wear height-increasing shoes?’s shoes can be worn with different styles of trousers: classic, jeans, shorts or tuxedo. The shoes flatter any man, making them look more elegant with a slimmer figure.

Where can you buy height-increasing shoes?

If you want to get quality, discretion and good service, then go to the website to buy your height-increasing shoes. Our website has different seals of quality that certify our product, while also offering you online security throughout the entire purchase process. We offer different payment methods and can finance your shoes in easy instalments. In addition, our customer service is provided in more than 8 different languages, which is in charge of helping our users to choose the most appropriate type of shoe.

If you have any more questions, visit our website to find the answers.