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Ibiza white

Ibiza white

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Height increasing shoes. Premium grain leather exterior. Interior fully lined in fine leather.

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Elevated Sneakers Ibiza White

Description: The Ibiza model is the perfect sneaker for your casual look. Specially designed for those who seek an active lifestyle without compromising on design and comfort. Rubber soles provide durability and traction while walking. These height-increasing sneakers are essential in any wardrobe.

Features: The footwear features a rubber sole that ensures durability and traction. With a casual style intended for an active look, these sneakers are versatile and adapt perfectly to various outfits.

Care and Maintenance: To keep these "Ibiza White" elevated sneakers in optimal condition, follow these care tips: - Apply cream occasionally to maintain their appearance. - Use a polishing brush to keep them shiny and clean.

Height Increase: + 6cm / 2.36"


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Ibiza white