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Height increasing shoes. Made of high-quality full-grain leather exterior. Interior lined with fine leather.

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White Parma elevator sneakers

Description: Parma elevator shoes, commonly known as sports shoes, sneakers, tennis shoes or trainers. What's clear is that Parma is a legendary icon that never goes out of style. A classic design that seamlessly transitions between formal and casual wear.

Features: A clean and elegant white design, highlighted by its simple sophistication, is evident in the exterior of the elevator shoe, made from high-quality full-grain leather with a finely leather-lined interior. Its classic shape and lace-up closure add beauty to its lines and forms, making them a perfect match for both casual and formal looks, whether with chinos or jeans.

Care: To care for these height-increasing shoes, it is recommended to apply cream occasionally to keep the leather moisturized and in good condition. Additionally, brushing them with a polishing brush is advised to remove dust and maintain their natural shine.

Height increase: + 7cm / 2.75"

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