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The universe of masaltos

The secret to our elevator shoes

For more than 25 years, has been designing and marketing shoes of conventional appearance, which have a little (or big!) secret: they are made to increase your height. They are built with a 3 cm high interior, anatomically and very light designed wedge. This wedge plus the usual exterior heel make an increase of up to 7 cm (or 2.75 inches) possible.

At we don’t just sell shoes, we sell dreams: “the dream of being taller”.

The success of

The secret to our success is our ability to adapt to our customer wishes over the years. In order to establish strong customer loyalty:

- We offer a fast service.

- We guarantee a personal support in 8 different languages, thanks to the help of our international team.

- We only use high quality material. The inside and outside of the shoes are made out of high quality leather and are produced with traditional methods. The natural leather is used in different soles, to discreetly add inches in height. The outside of the shoe is made of fine leather and high-quality calfskin leather.

- We respect your desire for anonymity and therefore we use inconspicuous packaging.

Styles in

In we always try to meet all the requirements of our customers in order to make a great product, which increases the height up to 7 cm in a discreet manner. We have over 25 years of experience in the market and supply thousands of customers around the world with various styles for any occasion.

Our wide range of footwear includes also the quality Goodyear World collection. These elevator shoes are made by hand in 250 steps and are recognized worldwide as highest quality footwear. Due to the hand-made production, each shoe is regarded as unique. Undoubtedly a shoe of this collection is a perfect guarantee for best comfort thanks to its rapid adaptability to each foot.

Masaltos offers elevator shoes for every occasion: hiking shoes for the weekend, shiny dress shoes for weddings or sandals for the summer. The shoes provide a special appearance and therefore strengthen the client's confidence.

Our most important brands

The extensive shoe collection of offers two major brands that have adapted perfectly to the wishes and needs of our loyal customers. The Tronisco brand stands for youth and freshness and corresponds to the philosophy and the criteria of design, quality and comfort.


Gianni Garzanero is the quality brand of shoes that increase your height. Under the direction of this Italian shoe manufacturer, our shoe prints are made with the greatest luxury and the best quality for maximum comfort. The Gianni Garzanero shoes are manufactured exclusively by hand.

Gianni Garzanero