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Why it's better to be taller?

Why it's better to be taller?

Whether you are tall, short, or average stature, genetics determines your height: and you can’t argue with your genetics.

At we know our clients and we know what they want. We know there’s a solution to being taller and we are not talking surgery. On our website you’ll find a great range of fashionable, comfortable wedges with insoles. At we listen to what our clients want and design shoes that are stylish and have a range of benefits for the wearer.
Attending to our clients needs, at we are trying to have different styles with a lot of benefits. If you are thinking of buying shoes with wedge at here are some of the many ways you could benefit from our wedges, because being taller could be good for you:

  1. Being up to 7 cm taller and thinner. You can be 7 pounds thinner due to height/weight proportion
  2. Allow to fix small bone dissymmetry (different leg length)
  3. Reduce muscles problems and back pain
  4. You look more attractive to others
  5. Taller people usually have more confidence
  6. Improved sporting performance by wearing our sporty shoes (trainers) with wedges
  7. Improve your physical movement because it helps to eliminate weight from the backbone. You will walk straighter