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It is well known that there are people of different heights: tall, short, medium. Height is established in our genetics, it is not something we can argue with.

At Masaltos.com we know that our clients seek to satisfy their needs. We are aware that being taller has a solution - and we are not talking about going under the knife - with comfortable and stylish elevator shoes like the ones you can find on our website.

Responding to the demands of our clients, at Masaltos.com we try to cover different styles and categories with multiple benefits.

  1. For this reason, we recommend reading this list of benefits if you are thinking of buying height shoes at Masaltos.com because height is important for:
  1. Appear up to 7cm taller and 6-10kg slimmer by height / weight ratio
  2. Allow to correct small bone dismetria (different length of legs)
  3. Reduce muscle and back problems, as well as cervical
  4. A more attractive and stylized silhouette emerges
  5. It can increase personal self-esteem. Taller people tend to have more self-confidence
  6. Greater performance in sports when wearing sneakers with increases and less physical fatigue
  7. Improve your physical posture, as it allows you to eliminate weight from the base of the spine, and you will be more upright when walking straight