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High rise shoes: shoes to grow

The structure

Masaltos elevator shoes are conventional-looking shoes that keep a great little secret, because they are designed to grow larger. These shoes have 3 cm high wedges inside, ultralight and anatomically designed. The wedges in the shoes, combined with the outer heel of the shoes, which can vary from 3 to 4 cm in height depending on the model, and allows men to grow up to 7 cm more in height.

As a result of the inner wedge, all Masaltos shoes are made with a special last. In this way the comfort and support of the foot are ensured.

The materials

Natural leather is used in the soles of our growing shoes. On the outside, pony haunch skin, tafilete calfskin, top quality grain leather. Inside, fine leather or the best padding. Each range is distinguished by the materials used in its models. All elevator shoes have in common that they are top quality.

The making

The manufacture of Masaltos elevator shoes is completely handmade in the shoes of the Goodyear-Welt Range. Mixed in the rest of ranges. Always looking for a 100% quality product.

The comfort

The inner wedge-insole of the growing shoes adapts perfectly to the natural morphology of the foot, absorbing the shocks caused by walking on hard surfaces and relieving the joints and spine.


Goodyear-welt is the international designation for a specific type of shoe. It is the best footwear on the market and, although its peculiar manufacturing system makes it more rigid when new, it is designed to offer total comfort and care for the feet. It is a guarantee of artisan work, as it is a product that can only be manufactured by hand and in which superior quality raw materials are used.

The basics of the Goodyear shoe process are:

  • A floor formed by two soles separated by a layer of cork.
  • The inner stitching of the upper leather of the shoe with the insole and the welt.
  • The exterior stitching that joins the sole and the welt.


  • Allows insulation of the foot against the ground and moisture, thanks to the cork layer without interior seams.
  • It favors the adaptation of the lower sole and the cork to the morphology of the foot, after about 15 days of use, increasing comfort.
  1. Reinforced buttress for comfort and support.
  2. 5mm leather sole. double-bodied and reinforced with starched fabric.
  3. Slow tanning portro rump upper with fine leather lining.
  4. Leather welt for Goodyear-welt construction, sewn with 100% linen thread.
  5. Cork wedge lined with grain leather.
  6. Metal shank for the solidity of the shoe.
  7. Premium Italian Di Marcelo leather sole, sewn with thread and glued with crystal glue.
  8. Cork layer between the upper and the sole for a more comfortable vigor.
  9. Leather heel with rubber back for stability.