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The secret of our elevator shoes

Masaltos.com has been designing and marketing conventional-looking footwear for more than 25 years that keeps a great little secret: they are shoes designed to raise stature. Our shoes have 3 cm high wedges inside. They are ultralight and anatomically designed so that our client feels as comfortable as possible. The wedges built into the shoes, combined with the outer heel of the shoes, allow men to reach up to 7 cm taller than their height.

At Masaltos.com we don't sell shoes, we sell dreams: “the dream of being taller”.

The success of Masaltos.com

The protagonist par excellence of Masaltos.com is our client, to whom we have been adapting during all these years, creating loyalty ties:

  • We offer speed of service.
  • We guarantee personalized attention in 8 languages ​​thanks to our internationalization.
  • Materials of the highest quality. Masaltos.com shoes are handcrafted and have a perfect finish, made of top quality leather and with the interior fully lined with fine leather. Natural leather is used in the different soles to gain inches invisibly. The exterior of the shoe features colt, calf leather and top quality grain leather.
  • We respect anonymity in our shipments. Our boxes are designed with total discretion to assure the client the maximum confidentiality.

Styles in Masaltos.com

At Masaltos.com we anticipate our clients by covering all their requirements in order to offer them a great product that raises their stature by up to 7cm with total discretion. We have more than 25 years of experience in the market and we serve thousands of clients, spread all over the world, with different styles for any occasion.

Within our wide catalog of elevator shoes, we have the high-end GoodYear-Welt range, which is a shoe made by hand, with more than 250 steps, conceived as the best footwear in the world. Due to its handmade construction, each shoe is unique. Without a doubt, the GoodYear-Welt shoe is the perfect ally of comfort due to its easy adaptability to the foot after a period of use.

Masaltos.com offers shoes for all types of events: casual range with models for the mountains, patent leather shoes for weddings or sandals for summer. Dressing Masaltos.com gives the client a superior style that will make their self-esteem grow significantly.

Our big brands

Within the extensive range of shoes, Masaltos.com distributes two major brands serving the needs and requests of our most loyal customers. The Tronisco brand responds to criteria of youth and freshness, respecting the Masaltos.com philosophy: design, quality and comfort.

Gianni Garzanero is positioned in the high range of footwear with increases. Under the direction of this Italian shoemaker craftsman, luxury, sublime quality, comfort and maximum convenience are imprinted on our shoes. Gianni Garzanero height shoes are made exclusively by hand.