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Shoes for your Zodiac sign

Fashion, men, and the Zodiac sign. What is the relationship between these three concepts? It is widely known that astrology can affect an individual’s personality and his self-image. Daily dress style is definitely a matter of choice and it is obvious that a fashion look starts from the feet. A man’s shoes and outfit preferences don’t just affect his personality, mood, and emotions but they also boost his attractiveness. Masaltos.com gives some astrology tips to walk towards the path of success.
A man in the right shoes can achieve every goal he sets. Walking with confidence helps a man find success in love, work, and life as a whole. Masaltos.com takes it a step further, helping its clients choose the right shoes for each occasion, according to their star sign, trends, tastes, and preferences.

Libra: September 23- October 22

The Libra man is elegant, sociable, and self-confident. He always looks for harmony around him and his search includes finding the right footwear. For the sophisticated and distinguished Libra man, the best choice would be a model of the new Special Edition collection created exclusively for Masaltos.com by the genius shoemaker, Gianni Garzanero. The Detroit Burgundy model would be a great choice for a Libra. They are handmade lace-up shoes made of high quality materials: cordovan leather on the outside and fine lined leather on the inside.

Scorpio: October 23- November 21

The man born under the Sign of Scorpio is powerful, with a strong personality and great ambitions. He is a good observer and he likes to plan, but he’s also capable of adapting to changes and breaking the routine. The man who is confident and keeps his feet planted firmly on the ground needs all-terrain shoes, just to feel the best! The Bonn is made of Cordovan leather and has a leather sole and would be a great choice for a Scorpio. These shoes are Goodyear Welt manufactured, which is far superior to any other shoemaking method for long term wear and comfort. They are ideal for daily use.

Sagittarius: November 22-December 21

A Sagittarius man tends to be very independent. He enjoys his private space. He enjoys the concept of taking care of himself and living a healthy life. If he still doesn’t practice sports, it’s time to start making running a regular habit. The Bernas, a sporty pair of sneakers, have been specially created for him. They are available in brown genuine leather and come equipped with the Trockenfuss system, which is effective at absorbing moisture and eliminating bad odor. They are perfect for outdoor sports thanks to their rubber sole which makes it possible to run on any surface.

Capricorn: December 22- January 19

For the Capricorn man, there is nothing more important than stability and being able to keep his feet on the ground. He never gives up and always trying to get to the top. As for his personality, he is quite shy, but confident with high self-esteem; he knows what he does. The shoe that best describes the Capricorn is the Charol, one of the exclusive Tronisco brand models, specially designed for Masaltos.com. Made of patent leather, it’s ideal for ceremonies and special events. The shine of these shoes will make the Capricorn sparkle and will bring out what this shy zodiac sign couldn’t hide. The shoe speaks for itself

Aquarius: January 20- February 18

The Aquarian man is creative, sentimental and dreamy. He’s an artist against the limits. His eloquence and innate charm bring a wealth of optimism and make him able to conquer everyone around him. For a dreamy, romantic and emotional man there’s nothing better than the handmade Stanford shoes. These Goodyear-welted loafers from the exclusive Gianni Garzanero brand for Masaltos.com will definitely reflect the personality of the Aquarius man. Available in brown and black, these shoes will look great with dress or chino trousers and will go perfectly with both a professional meeting and a romantic encounter.

Pisces: February 19- March 20

The Pisces man has powerful instincts. His ability to predict and feel others’ emotions makes him sensitive to new changes and he constantly hangs on to the past. Therefore, his wardrobe contains a mix of modern and vintage clothing. The man of this sign will feel like a fish in the water with the Bergen shoes. Made in black and yellow, these waterproof boots will enable him to walk confidently, be a winner, and always get what he wants

Aries: March 21- April 19

An Aries is a great leader: he walks with confidence, fearless of what people will think. As a fire sign, he is a powerful conqueror and seducer. He likes to set new styles: he doesn’t follow fashion trends, he creates them. Basilea Cognac Brown shoes perfectly fit the Aries man: they have an Italian design and are manufactured with a high-quality Goodyear welt system. Handmade shoes made by hand with the best raw material.

Taurus: April 20- May 20

The Taurus man is a realist with firm ideas. He is convincing and persisting, but at the same time he’s patient and passionate. When he sets his mind on something, he always gets it. Turín will bow to a Taurus’ feet. These sport shoes, with the Italian design of the exclusive Tronisco brand for Masaltos.com, are flexible and made of nobuk leather. They will be like a second skin for this star sign that always wants to persuade people around him of his own ideas

Gemini: May 21- June 20

This is a sign full of masculinity. But sometimes he needs to recover his self-esteem and be generous to himself in order to deal with the challenges he’s always facing. It’s time for him to buy some shoes that make the modern man feel so important. The Tormo model, with an Italian design and casual style, are perfect for confronting difficulties, escaping danger, and leaving a mark on the hardest ground. Masaltos.com suggests this Tronisco brand model made of natural grain leather that will accompany a Gemini during all his life

Cancer: June 21- July 22

A Cancer is a self-made man with a lot of habits. He’s apparently introverted, but he just needs to increase his self-esteem to feel confident on his path. That’s why he needs some shoes that fit like a glove and give him some rhythm while he walks. The best choice for the Cancer man is a Tronisco branded classic moccasin. The Arosa model, available in brown, burgundy, or black, will give him that assurance and confidence that he needs to reach the top. They’re made of box-calf leather, elegant, subtle and soft to the touch

Leo- July 23- August 22

He’s the King of the jungle par excellence: he isn’t afraid of taking risks. There are neither limits nor impossible challenges for Lio: who said that men can’t be taller? The Matera bicolor shoes are the best shoes Masaltos.com can offer to a daring, adventurous man always on top like Lio. They are available in bicolor blue and bicolor grey and are made of waterproof split leather with a grain leather finishing.

Virgo- August 23- September 22

This is a great period for the most introverted earth sign. It’s time for him to go out and leave behind that shyness that has always accompanied him and demonstrate the elegance that characterizes him. Bolonia shoes, from the Gianni Garzanero collection, are perfect for a Virgo man: he needs comfortable shoes that make him feel safe and that reflect the appearance and grace that he tends to hide. Bolonia moccasins have a discrete Italian style that would perfectly suit an elegant and distinguished man like a Virgo.