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Awards and Distinctions

At Masaltos.com we have been working for 25 years for the satisfaction of our clients and to obtain the highest quality that characterizes our height increasing shoes. Proof of that are the awards and distinctions we receive year after year. In a sector as competitive as online commerce costumer service is one of our top priorities and we are proud of the consistency and care we put on our everyday work so that our shoes can have the highest standard of quality. This is something we do, not only with quality, but with every part of the process.

eawards_2016.png eAwards Barcelona 2016 for the trajectory of the international eCommerce

This award acknowledges the external implementation of electronic commerce, the application of digital marketing strategies adapted to each country, the supply of content adapted to different audiences, the accessibility criteria and the transparency of corporative information.
alas.png Alas Award 2016 from Junta de Andalucía for the best international electronic commerce

The Andalucía government recognizes Masaltos.com with this award for applying electronic commerce in a systematic and planned way in the development of their international activity and exporting 65% of their sales.
gold.png Gold Medal 2016 from Asociación Española de Profesionales de la Imagen as recognition of their trajectory

This acknowledgment highlights Masaltos.com, a Spanish company that produces height increasing shoes, professional and social work on taking care of the Spanish’s image.
ab.png ACOCEX-Bankia Award 2016 for the Company with the Most Exportation Potential

Masaltos.com received this award for adapting their business model to the new technologies and exploring new areas of business with big international potential given that in 2016 the company exported 65% of their sales to more than 90 countries in all the 5 continents.
ecommerce_awards_2017.png Silver eAwards Madrid 2017 for the Best Cross Border Strategy

The jury highlighted that more than 60% of the Spanish company of height increasing shoes global sales are outside of Spain which shows a trajectory of continuous growth not only on their sales but also in the opening to new international markets.
cepyme.png CEPYME Award 2018 to the SME with the Best Payment Methods

Elected between more than 400 candidates the jury specially valued the payment to suppliers in the reception of bills and the entry in operation of systems that make the process of payment easier. The award was delivered by the President of the Spanish Government that recognized Masaltos.com for their contribution to the growth of the Spanish economy and in the fight against late payments.
eawards_2019.png Gold eAwards Barcelona 2018 for the Best eCommerce Brand

The eAwars are the most prestigious awards in Spain on the sector of electronic commerce. The jury valued the digital branding on the context of electronic commerce and the fact that the company counts with more than 25 years of existence.
felipevi.jpg SM el Rey Felipe VI Congratulations for the 25 anniversary of Masaltos.com being on the internet

In 2019, Masaltos.com, an online sales company for height increasing shoes, celebrated their 25 years of life on the internet. A very important mark for an online company since there’s not many more examples in Spain. For this reason, SM el Rey Felipe VI congratulated all the Masaltos.com team for achieving this milestone and puts forward his best wishes for the success of the company.
ecommerce_tour.png Ecommerce Awards 2019 for the Best Ecommerce in Andalucía

The purpose of this awards is to elect the most representative online stores of Comunidade Autónoma de Andalucía. The jury highlighted Masaltos.com as one of the pioneers companies on online commerce.
aje.png Asociación de Jóvenes Empresarios de Sevilla Award 2019 for the Business Trajectory

This awards recognize the creativity, the entrepreneurship and the value of the business trajectory of young entrepreneurs of the province of Seville.
estrategia_empresarial.jpg Andalusian Executives Award 2019 for Business Strategy

The Jury awarded this award to Masaltos.com for using a social factor as a business strategy, highlighting the innovation of our shoes with increases, work and effort made by the company.
CEaje.png National Award 2019 to the Generational Relay

The Spanish Confederation of Associations of Young Entrepreneurs (CEAJE), among more than 450 candidates, awarded Masaltos.com with the First National Prize for its consolidation as a family business, recognizing the way in which the founders have been able to transmit their fundamental values to the second generation.
Gob.png National Award 2019 Internal Trade

The Government of Spain, through the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, awarded the Third Prize to Masaltos.com for its contribution to the development of the local economy, business modernization through the improvement of technology, participation in associations and the defense of the of products made in Spain.
eoro2020.png eAwards Oro Tarragona 2020 to the most outstanding Ecommerce

The entrepreneurs that attended the EForum Tarragona 2020 decided to award the first prize to Masaltos.com for its contribution to electronic commerce and its participation in the different debates.
ecomerce_awards_2020.png Ecommerce Awards 2020 Award for the best marketplace strategy

The jury valued Masaltos.com's proposal for footwear with increases for having a presence in multiple marketplaces within and also outside of Spain, joining this action to its internationalization plan.
01-Sellos-eAwardsBCN21-CrossBorder.png eAwards Barcelona 2021 Gold Award for best Cross-Border ecommerce

The award highlights the Ecommerce that are committed to internationalisation in their sales, focusing and adapting their website and products to different international audiences. .
Premio Onda Cero Masaltos Autonomous Capital Award 2022 of Onda Cero

In 'Autónomo Capital 2022' Masaltos.com has been awarded as the best Andalusian company of 2022 for its entrepreneurial character and for its track record as merchants, self-employed and innovators, dedicated to the sale of a traditional and innovative product such as men's shoes that make the user taller.