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For us it is very important to take good care of the shoes so that they last for a long time. This is why we’ll give you some advice so that our customers’ shoes can keep the qualities of the first day.

Basic rules for shoes care

1. We advise you to use the shoehorn for all your shoes
2. Wooden shoe stretcher will keep your shoes in perfect condition after their use
3. Wooden shoe stretcher must be put in the shoes after a rainy day so that it absorbs humidity
4. We recommend brushing the shoes after using them so they’ll keep their natural shine
5. It's good to use shoe cream if you haven’t used the shoes for a long time
6. Every pair of shoes has its own owner and shouldn’t be worn by other people if you don’t want your shoes to be deformed

Specific recommendations for each type of leather


Masaltos.com suggests cleaning your leather shoes with a dry cotton cloth and rubbing them dry in order to polish them. You can put on colorless or leather colour cream.

Trick: if the stain remains, clean it with a damp cloth and a mild soap

Colourless shoe polish

Colourless shoe polish


Masaltos.com advises you to gently clean your shoes with cotton soaked in milk or vinegar to remove any stains and to rub with a clean and dry cloth to polish them.

Trick: rub strongly to recover the original shine


Masaltos.com suggests dusting your box calf leather shoe with a dry cotton cloth and rubbing it in order to polish it. Apply colorless cream or of the color of the leather.

Trick: rub your shoe with a soft sponge with a mild colorless cream

Colourless shoe polish

Colourless shoe polish


Masaltos.com suggests brushing your greased leather shoes and cleaning them with special cream for this kind of leather.

Trick: Use horse grease or natural wax.

Transparent brush

Transparent brush


Masaltos.com suggests cleaning them with a cloth, washing them in cold water and mild soap, avoiding soaking them.

Tip: Laundry stain-remover may also be applied


Masaltos.com suggests cleaning your nubuck or suede leather shoes with a suede brush made of brass wire with black bristles. You may use a waterproofing spray to prevent stains. Do not apply any cream to it, in order to keep its plush surface.

Tip: Dust repellent spray may be used

Suede brush