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Height increasing shoes. Exterior is made of water-repellent suede. Interior fully lined in leather.

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Latina Boots with Height Increase

Description: The Latina Boots with Height Increase are the perfect complement for those looking to discreetly and elegantly enhance their stature. These boots feature a modern and sophisticated design, crafted with a hydrophobic suede leather exterior that not only provides durability but also water resistance. Their fully lined leather interior offers comfort and softness for your feet. Additionally, their lace-up design and hydrophobic suede leather finish add a touch of style to any outfit, whether it's chinos or jeans.

Features: The Latina Boots with Height Increase allow you to appear up to 7 cm taller without sacrificing comfort. Their hydrophobic suede leather exterior is not only stylish but also provides protection against moisture. The leather-lined interior ensures a comfortable and soft wearing experience. The rubber sole is durable and offers excellent grip while walking, providing stability on different surfaces. These boots feature a lace-up design that securely adapts to your foot, and their fine leather finish on the interior adds a touch of luxury.

Care and Maintenance: To keep your Latina Boots in optimal condition, we recommend following some care tips. Use a soft-bristled brush to gently clean the exterior in the direction of the grain. If you wish to protect them against water or oil stains, you can apply a special waterproofing spray. Additionally, avoid exposing them to extreme conditions, such as heavy rain or excessive heat, as they could be damaged. With proper care, you'll be able to enjoy your boots for a long time and look stylish on any occasion.

Height Increase: + 7cm height


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