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Brush for suede and nubuck leather

Brush for suede and nubuck leather

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Mixed Brush for suede. Metallic bristles outside and pork bristles inside.


Mixed Leather and Suede Shoe Brushes

Description: Mixed leather and suede shoe brushes are essential tools for the proper maintenance and care of your leather and suede shoes. These brushes are designed with outer bristles made of natural hair and inner metal bristles, making them ideal for cleaning and revitalizing a variety of shoe types.


  • Outer Bristles of Natural Hair: Natural hair bristles are soft and effective at removing dust, dirt, and surface residues from your leather and suede shoes without damaging the surface.
  • Inner Metal Bristles: The metal bristles inside the brush allow for deeper and more efficient brushing. They can help gently lift the suede fibers and remove tough stains.
  • Mixed Construction: The combination of natural and metal bristles in one brush offers versatility and performance in cleaning different types of shoe materials.

Care and Maintenance:

  • Use the brush regularly to prevent dirt buildup and keep your shoes looking like new.
  • For leather shoes, brush in the direction of the grain to maintain the original texture and shine.
  • When dealing with suede shoes, use the metal bristles with care to avoid damaging the delicate fibers of the material.
  • Clean the brush after each use to remove residues and ensure it's ready for next time.


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