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Sandalia black

Sandalia black

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Height increasing shoes. High quality leather.

Interior top quality leather

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Elevator Sandalia

Description: Elevator Sandalias are an essential item for men during the summer season. These black sandals offer freshness, comfort, and a touch of tradition in their design. Ideal for pairing with shorts, chinos, or jeans, providing style and elevation.

Features: Rugat leather exterior: The rugat leather used in these sandals provides durability and an elegant appearance. Additionally, it offers resistance to daily wear and the summer environment. Fine leather lining: The fine leather lining inside the sandals ensures a soft sensation when in contact with the skin, avoiding uncomfortable rubbing during use. Integrated lifts: These sandals feature discreetly integrated lifts in the sole design, providing additional elevation to the user's height discreetly and comfortably.

Care and Maintenance: To keep these sandals in optimal condition, it is recommended to follow these steps: Use a soft, polishing brush to remove dust and dirt from the surface of the sandals by gently rubbing in circular motions, avoid exposing the sandals to excessive moisture but if they get wet, dry them in the shade and at room temperature without exposing them directly to the sun or artificial heat, and store the sandals in a cool, dry place when not in use and fill them with paper or use a support to maintain their shape.

Height Increase: +7cm / 2.75"


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Sandalia black