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Charol black

Charol black

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Height increasing shoes. Tafilete calfskin exterior. Interior fully lined in fine leather.

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Elevated Shoes Charol Model

Description: The Elevated Shoes Charol Model are a timeless classic with Italian design. They are crafted from treated flower skin with lacquer and linseed oil, providing them with that special patent leather finish. These shoes are the perfect choice for any event that requires an elegant and distinctive look. Their exterior made of calfskin and their interior lined with fine black patent leather add a touch of sophistication.

Features: The Elevated Shoes Charol Model stand out for their exterior made of calfskin and their interior lined with fine patent leather. This combination offers an elegant and luxurious appearance. Thanks to their Italian design, these shoes are timeless and versatile. Additionally, they feature height increase inserts that provide discreet elevation. The leather sole with ultra-reinforced heel not only ensures durability but also comfort during long periods of wear.

Care and Maintenance: To keep the Elevated Shoes Charol Model in optimal condition, it is recommended to gently rub with a dry cloth to remove dust and surface dirt. Then, an illuminating sponge can be used to revive the original shine of the patent leather. Avoid prolonged exposure to moisture and store them in a cool, dry place to help preserve their quality. Additionally, it is suggested to alternate their use with other pairs of shoes to prolong their lifespan.

Height Increase: + 7cm height


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  • Charol black
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Charol black